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Our Quick Backstory

Alyssa and Steven had their first child, Zachary, together under the age of 20. Alyssa was 17, Steven was 19. The world looked down upon them given the statistics of being young parents, but with great love and motivation, they beat all odds – even when society considered them failures. Two years after giving birth, their boy was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. About a year later, they were expecting their second boy, but things took a turn for the worse and they had an emotional miscarriage. One year later, they gave birth to their second baby boy, Logan, which is an actual miracle. Read more about their story, here.

Episode 1: Young Parenting Podcast – Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Welcome to the official Young Parenting Podcast. Today is the official launch of Episode 1. In this episode, we get real close with our emotional state and discuss some of our anxiety issues and depression that we face on a daily basis.

Episode 0: Young Parenting Podcast Introduction – Our Story

Welcome to the official introduction to the Young Parenting Podcast! This is an exciting time for both Alyssa and I (Steven). Not only are we venturing into the world of the unknown – podcasting – but we also just had our second baby boy and we are both in our early twenties!